Journalist, author and Everglades defender Marjory Stoneman Douglas founded Friends of the Everglades in 1973. Some 25 years later, Young Friends of the Everglades formed to follow in her pioneering footsteps. “Take the children out to the Glades and let them learn,” Marjory declared. “Education will be the only way to save the Glades. Tell them the Everglades isn’t saved yet!” Read more about her life’s accomplishments and honors on her biography page.

At the age of 104, Marjory was clearly ecstatic about the involvement of young people with her cause to SAVE THE EVERGLADES! “Take the children into the Everglades. Let them see it!” she stated. “The children are our future and we can’t do without that!”


Books by Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Voice of the River
A River of Flood and Other Florida Stories
Nine Florida Stories: A Florida Sand Dollar Book
Alligator Crossing
Everglades: River of Grass

Books about Marjory

Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the Florida Everglades – Sandra W. Sammons
Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Friend of the Everglades – Tricia Andrysewski
Marjory Stoneman Douglas: voice of the Everglades – Jennifer Fisher Bryant, Larry Raymond
Remarkable Florida Women – E. Lynne Wright

A student’s letter about Marjory
Matthew Segal Age: 10

When I met Marjory Stoneman Douglas I felt like I was dreaming. I felt that way because it was a dream come true.

She looks like a hero to many people because of all the letters and awards she has gotten. Well, to me she doesn’t look like a hero…she is my hero.

I thought her house was going to be something totally different. I thought it would be big, but it was small and satisfying, quiet, with wooden shingles and small windows. Outside there was this large tree. It looked like it was dying or something, yet it was full of beautiful birds. The birds made me think of children laughing, yelling, singing…while learning and getting what they need in order to survive from Mrs. Douglas, (the old tree).

When I was talking to her, I had to hold her hand and it felt like I had known her forever…and I had just met her! It was also like talking on the phone because I had to get very close and speak in her ear. I thought she would not answer back but she did! She talked as much as I did and I thought that she would be very quiet but she wasn’t. She was happy to know kids were getting more involved with preserving the Everglades and kind of sparkled when I told her I hoped to be just like her…helping start a club and all that. I promised to be her “ECHO”. When I was talking to her I felt a feeling inside that was like, “God, please let her live a lot longer.” I thought she was like a book because of all she knows.

Right where she was sitting, just above her were water stains. I guess that she doesn’t even know they are there. I felt real bad when we couldn’t sit down cause all the furniture is falling apart. I asked Mrs. Whitehouse if maybe some of the money from Young Friends could be used to re-cane some of the chairs or repair the broken furniture.

I thought I was lucky to be selected and I am glad I went. My experience with her was very good. I had a great time. If I can ever meet her again, I would definitely go.

A poem of love from Matthew:

A dying tree sits outside of Marjory’s house
With young and sweet birds singing out loud
Just like her, a tree full of knowledge
With young and sweet children talking around her